ILMOITA RODIN MALLI KUN TILAAT These systems are derived from drag bike applications. They are short, aggressive looking and build with best performance in mind. They feature stepped headers, a full merge collector with spring held headers and a megaphone muffler. Both headers have welded on heat shields on the exposed areas, to protect the drivers legs and boots during riding. The sound is a very low, deep rumble, due to the big sized baffle in the muffler. If you want it really loud, you can remove the baffle with 2 screws and turn the exhaust into a completly open system. They are exhausts systems are suitable for stock and heavily tuned engines. The whole exhaust system is made of Stainless Steel, Grade 304. This includes the internals of the muffler, as well as the mounting hardware. The muffler endcap is made off contrast cut billet aluminum . It's a very lightweight exhaust system, the total weight is just about 4kg. In the headers are two bungs for 18mm O2 sensors, suitable for use with aftermarket fuel managment systems(like Power commander, Autotune or similar) and for the OEM sensors on EFI Models. This exhaust system has a no surface coating. The stainless steel was brushed to give it the "Works" look you know from supersport/racing exhaust systems.

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